Mel is a Folk rock singer-songwriter who calls the Northeast home.

With musical stylings often likened to that of Mazzy Star, Joni Mitchell and Bonnie Raitt, Mel is praised by listeners for her healing voice and poetic lyricism.

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Following the successful release of her debut single, ‘Women’, Mel has garnered wide recognition from college radios nationwide and is excited to release her debut EP in 2020.

Debut Single "Women" out now

Available for streaming


What Listeners are Saying ...

"I am empowered"
-Eve (NYU)

"You have emotional intelligence"
-Pauline (BOS)

"you are a force girl." -Audrey (Newport)

"That song was truly an inspiration.
It has a mellow feel that facilitates the meaning behind women's empowerment. An innovative masterpiece that makes a woman feel like she runs Mother Earth. We are so glad to have played it on our station!!!"
-Amy Kempf (CCRI Radio)

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