things i wish i said but didn't
w/ soulecist.

available on all streaming platforms!

The EP features production from soulecist. and lyrics and vocals by Mel. 
Never having met in person, the two linked up after Mel’s collaborative release ‘psycho love’ with baron and recorded virtually during quarantine in 2020.


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“soulecist orchestrates a silky future-beat/neo-soul blend, with smooth, moody production complemented by an immaculate vocal performance from Mel…soulecist and Mel team up on this EP showcase some of the best electronica-tinged future-RnB styling’s on the internet since Urban Flora [Alina Baraz]” — Sine Wave Surfers Collection (

“All I can say is that Mel’s incredible vocals and soulecist.’s clean future R&B production will cradle you sweetly, like a delicate caress from a loved one, like a soft whisper from a lover” — FUXWITHIT (

“A psychedelic, atmospheric trip of an EP … vibrantly produced, and wavy vocals with just over 10 minutes of run time, give this one a listen!” — Turntable Teachers (