Mel is a singer-songwriter steeped with soul and rock ’n roll who is taking the music scene by storm.

With vocals reminiscent of Miranda Lambert, Bonnie Raitt, Jewel and Stevie Nicks, Mel frequently receives praise from listeners for her healing voice & poetic lyrical work. All the while, her live performers simultaneously set the scene for letting loose and getting lost in her rock ’n roll spirit. Additionally, Mel’s internationally-acclaimed collaborations with electronic producers have been likened to the stylings of Alina Baraz, Mazzy Star and Maggie Rogers.

Hailing from Newport, Rhode Island, Mel began her professional career performing at venues around her home-cities of Newport, Rhode Island and Boston, MA & has since shared stages with Matt Hartke (Recording Artist & Billboard Top 40 Platinum-Selling Songwriter), Troy Ramey (The Voice Top 12 & Breaking Singer/Songwriter, Apple Music) and more.

All the while, Mel has racked up more than 250K streams on streaming services. With her debut solo EP coming soon, there’s a lot to be on the lookout for with this songstress!






  • “[Mel has] a new set of tools in my arsenal for cracking that code of songs that evoke emotion, get stuck in your head and make you want to move your feet” — Newport This Week ( January 2022)
  • “I was struck by her clear, plaintive voice and her evocative songwriting” — Newport This Week ( June 2021)
  • “It’s an atmospheric pop track layered with electronic elements that’s easy to get lost in.” — The Newport Daily News ( March 2021)
  • “An ascending electronic pop ballad featuring a dense, synth-laden instrumental alongside a narrative about free falling into love. Mel’s jazz-influenced vocal adds a sweeping sense of calm to the soundscape, signaling the awakening of a heart now open to connection.” – Underground Music Collective ( March 2021)
  • “The combination of THRPY’s impactful and lush sound design and MEL’s star-striking vocals can make any crowd fall in love […] Starting off with a soothing reece bass along with MEL’s haunting and satisfying vocal, it sets a mysterious and gorgeous tone for all to become hypnotized by” — FUXWITHIT ( March 2021)
  • “soulecist orchestrates a silky future-beat/neo-soul blend, with smooth, moody production complemented by an immaculate vocal performance from Mel…soulecist and Mel team up on this EP showcase some of the best electronica-tinged future-RnB styling’s on the internet since Urban Flora [Alina Baraz]” — Sine Wave Surfers Collection ( October 2020)
  • “All I can say is that Mel’s incredible vocals and soulecist.’s clean future R&B production will cradle you sweetly, like a delicate caress from a loved one, like a soft whisper from a lover” — FUXWITHIT ( October 2020)
  • “A psychedelic, atmospheric trip of an EP … vibrantly produced, and wavy vocals with just over 10 minutes of run time, give this one a listen!” — Turntable Teachers ( October 2020)